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Aura by Rockkwood Restaurant most popular Hillside multi cuisine restaurant with lot of Indian options. An old time favorite now upgraded ambiance and serves mainly India food. India is famous for different Cultural backgrounds, Religions and Food. Indian cuisine, like Indian culture has an ancient history. The dishes are cooked on open fires, enclosed fires and in clay ovens. Indian food is healthy, hygienic and cooked fresh; not served cold and raw. Indian Spices and their ingredients are prepared based on organic study and is natural and safe.

At Aura by Rockkwood Multi Cuisine Restaurant, we prepare our food with different Indian Spices and Herbs, meticulously cooked to create mouth lingering dishes. Each dish has its own distinctive flavor & aromas, which cannot come from any curry powder in the world. Our food is not just "Spicy" or "Curry."

Food Specialty

We serve authentic Indian cuisine.The Unique and strong flavors in some special Indian cuisine are derived from spices. Most of the species used in Indian cooking were originally chosen thousands of years ago for their medicinal qualities. All curries are made using a wide variety of spices with freshness and originality.

Dining Options

All dinning options having a pleasant music with view of live screen. Open air garden restaurant with background music makes awesome feeling of dinning. We have many options of pleaser sitting for you dinning
✔ Fine dine restaurant
✔ Private Restro
✔ Conference Hall
✔ Open air garden dinning with pleasant background music with live screen
✔ Restro Bar
✔ Pub & Discotheque
✔ Roof Top Restaurant